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Core Values Reimagined

Emerging Leaders Module 1

If you’ve noticed a lack of happiness in your life, it could be attributed to being out of touch with your core values. Join me as I share questions to help you get back in touch with your values and back on track with living the life you deserve. My goal is to teach you how to identify your values and provide techniques for applying them to get more out of life. 

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Proven Success Principles Image.png

Proven Success Principles

Emerging Leaders Module 2

This is Your Opportunity to Set Yourself Apart. It is the 'why' that you lead with. It is what you stand for, and what you are promoting.  Once you have firmed up your core values, the next step to success is setting goals for your future. It is with purpose, strategy, team engagement, and goal-driven performance that you set yourself apart by defining what makes your or your organization unique.

This course is a great opportunity if you are looking to set yourself and/or your business apart from others by creating goals and establishing a strategy for success.

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Conquering Your Goals

Emerging Leaders Module 3

When you have a vision, it is your goals that provide direction, motivation, and the framework to take the action necessary to achieve them. During this experience, I will guide you through the process of creating a strategy for measuring, tracking, and targeting your goals!


Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Emerging Leaders Module 4

We’re often taught not to brag about our successes, or that it’s more polite to be overly modest, but these habits can help create a foundation for imposter syndrome. While there’s nothing wrong with being modest and humble, when you regularly brush off praise and find it uncomfortable to take a compliment, you may be experiencing imposter syndrome. In reality, being an expert in your field is okay, and it’s okay to say so.

It’s okay to pat yourself on the back every once in a while or even accept admiration from others. The key is to do it with humility, always remembering that each of us has unique talents and gifts. Imposter syndrome is widespread but rarely discussed. Sufferers remain silent because of feelings that they don’t belong. In the words of Tina Fey, a self-described imposter: “Everyone else is an imposter, too.”

Join me to say goodbye to your imposter mentality and gain perspective on your life’s successes!

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